Which Industrial Dust Collector System

Determining which type of dust collector system you need is a specialty of  Baghouse.com dust collection specialists. The three basic types of industrial baghouse dust collection systems are filter bag collectors, cartridge collectors, and cyclone collectors.

Filter bag collectors are produced in a wide variety and have numerous uses. They are very practical for a number of reasons including, but not limited to: overall repair cost is generally low; they efficiently recover heat; it effective against and not affected by gas-dust particulate matter, making it ideal in most situations to utilize.

Cartridge collectors use cartridges, usually cylindrical in shape, with perforated openings that are designed to collect uniquely shaped and sized dusts and other particulate matter. Cartridge collectors are usually compatible with reverse-air cleaning as well as pulse-jet cleaning. They are commonly used for sandblasting, welding fumes, and other fine chemical powders.

Cyclone collectors generally use gravity and an artificial vortex, or cyclone, to separate particles from other gases. Air is pointed and directed through a cylinder and spun creating a centrifugal force which separates and filtrates the air, causing the harmful materials to fall into the collection hoper.

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