One Dust Explosion Per Week in UK, and 2000 Per Year in Europe Says New Study

A new report by leading industry experts states that 2000 dust explosions in factories and industrial facilities across Europe each year. An average of 50 per year are reported in the UK alone, nearly one a week. The report prepared by Dr. Julian Hought of risk management specialists, HFL Risk Services, also highlights that a large percentage of these incedents do not involve what we would normally classify as high-risk manufacturing processes, such as chemical production. In fact nearly 24% of incidents reported occurred in the food industry, with products as benign as flour, coffee, and sugar.

The report however stresses that a large part of the problem is that companies and employees do not realize just how dangerous these dusts can be when found in hazardous amounts within facilities. Proper dust collection equipment, and employee hazardous dust safety training are key to preventing these often deadly accidents from taking place.

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