Introducing Order Online Capabilities for Select Baghouse Products

Beginning today, has become the only major dust collector manufacturer and parts supplier that allows its customers to directly purchases items online. With our new online shopping cart interface, buying baghouse products is as easy as buying your favorite book from

Starting in March, 2015, visitors to can order online leak testing supplies, including leak testing powder and leak testing light kits directly from As time goes on, we will introduce this ability to other products as well.

Why is This a Major Improvement?

Ordering baghouse replacement parts can be quite complicated

Sometimes getting a price for a replacement part from a baghouse parts supplier can seem to take forever! Now lets you find your part online and order it all on one page!

While other suppliers require you to fill out a contact form and wait for a response before you can order your leak testing supplies. This process is slow and requires many emails/phone calls back and forth before you can actually place your order. Now with our new online setup, this entire process has been simplified and allows you to place an order in only a few minutes.

How To Order Leak Testing Supplies on Without a Quote

First, visit our page with information about our dust collector leak testing supplies, including our leak testing powder, and leak detection light kits. There you will find a description of our leak powder and light kits. You can also use the information there to determine (a) how much leak powder you require and (b) which color(s) you should order.

To Order Leak Powder: Select your color(s), how many pounds you want to order and then click  “add to cart”. This will then redirect you to the checkout page where you can review your order. If you want to add additional items to your cart (e.g. leak testing light kits, etc.) you can return to those areas using the menu links on the page.

To Order Black Light Kits: Select the number of kits you wish order, and then click “add to cart”.

When you are ready to checkout, click on the “checkout” button on the checkout page. Here you will be shown a summery of your order and asked to enter your billing/shipping information. You can also specify a shipping method (if multiple methods are available) and add notes to your order. When you are done, enter your credit card information and submit the order. You should receive a confirmation email with a receipt. We will follow up with you to confirm a shipment date and to answer any questions you included in your order.

A New Way to Buy Dust Collector Replacement Parts

With this new system, hopes to revolutionize the way you buy dust collector products. As time goes on we hope to add additional products to our website for instant online purchase. Of course, if you have a rather large order quantity, or would like to order these parts together with other products/services that require a quote (filter bags, dust collection systems, system audits/inspections, etc.) we would be happy to quote them together.

If you have any questions regarding placing an order for leak testing supplies, or any other products/services on our site, please feel free to give us a call at (702) 848-3990, or email us using our contact us form.

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