Free Dust Collector Inspections In Los Angeles & San Diego now offers free dust collector inspections to new customers in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas.

By Dominick DalSanto
Baghouse Technology Expert and Sales Director News | Beginning June 1st, new customers in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas can request free site visits from Visits from a dust collector engineer provide far greater value than the usual method whereby companies merely send manufacture’s representative to pitch products.

Upon request, a dust collector engineer will arrange to visit the facility and conduct a condensed version of a standard dust collection system audit. They will visually inspect and review the plant’s dust collectors (if exceptionally large facility , then only primary units), review operating conditions, maintenance procedures, and discuss overall system performance and issues with operators and maintenance personnel. After reviewing the data, the dust collector engineer will present a set of recommendations to improve system efficiency, capacity, and service life of filters, while also reducing maintenance, operating costs (e.g. electricity, compressed air usage, replaceable parts, etc.) and system downtime. If any specific issues are identified during the inspection, or presented by plant personnel, these also will be addressed in the report.

Benefits of a Dust Collector Report

Free dust collector inspection and report from

Many of our current customers have benefited from our recommendations. By putting into practice our recommendations they increased efficiency, capacity without large capital investments, reduced down-time, operating costs, and lowered emissions and improved safety (due to air quality) within their facilities. Here are just some of the items we often identify during a free site visit:

  • Troubleshoot existing issues and work with staff on how to resolve them
  • Filter selection: recommend alternative fabrics, finishes (e.g. PTFE membrane), filter types (e.g. pleated filters
  • Baghouse condition and unit selection:
    • Recommend repairs (structural, pulse valves, gaskets, etc.)
    • Identify shaker and reverse air units with potential for retrofitting into newer pulse jet style
    • Condense several inefficient small units into one larger system,  etc.
  • Examine current operating methods and make recommendations on how to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs and system downtime (e.g. startup and shut down procedures, fan operating parameters, cleaning system settings, etc.)
  • Examine current maintenance procedures and make recommendations for improvement. Includes daily, weekly, monthly, yearly procedures, inspection checklist, handling of replacement bags, diagnosing need for bag replacement, proper bag replacement techniques, etc.
  • Replacing out of date equipment and methods with latest technology, such as pleated filters, clean-on-demand cleaning, PTFE membrane filters, etc.
  • Recommendations for new OSHA standards for combustible dust, such as explosion protection and fire suppression systems.

Request Your Free Dust Collector Report Today!

To request a free visit in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas, simply contact by phone at 800 351 6200 or send us an email and ask for information about our free Las Vegas dust collector inspections and reports. For more information please see the following pages:


| Dominick DalSanto is an author & dust collection technologies expert, specializing in dust collection systems. With nearly a decade of hands-on working experience in the industry, Dominick’s knowledge of the industry goes beyond a mere classroom education. He is currently serving as sales director at His articles have been published not only on , but also on other industry related blogs and sites. In his spare time, Dominick writes about travel and life abroad for various travel sites and blogs.

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