Types of Baghouse Dust Collection Filters

Industrial Baghouse utilizes three different air filtration and dust collection systems: filter bag collectors, cartridge collectors, and cyclone collectors.

Filter bag collectors use filter bags to capture and separate harmful particulates, dusts, and other contaminates. They are very versatile and easily be modified to fit almost any need. When properly maintained they are very durable. They are not suitable for most wet or moist contaminates and do require regular maintenance.

Cartridge collectors are used for very fine dust and other special or uniquely shaped contaminates. Usually cartridges cylindrical shaped and have a cloth or other filtration material covering the cylinder. Cartridge dust collectors can be easy to clean, often being self-cleaning. Cartridge dust collectors are able to vary in size, and larger collection systems might contain numerous cylinders and cartridges.

The advantages of a cyclone collector is that is has low capital cost, it has the capability of operating under high and extreme temperatures, easily and efficiently handles liquid mists or dry materials, usually has low maintenance costs and requirements with no moving parts, and takes up very little space. Disadvantages are that it can be expensive to operate due to creating a pressure drop, has low efficiencies with smaller particles, and cannot process most sticky particulates.

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