Dust Collector BagsMaintaining and periodically replacing your dust collector bags is vital to protect your facility’s equipment, and ensure the health and safety of your personnel. Your dust collection system is often one of the largest and most expensive pieces of equipment in your entire facility. Its proper operation and reliability have a direct effect of your productivity and profits.

Crucial to the operation of your dust collector, is having the right dust collector bags installed. The selection of the correct dust collector bag for your needs is essential to gaining the highest efficiency out of your system, and longest filter bag life. Baghouse.com’s bag experts are here to assist you in determining which type of dust collector bags are the best fit for your operation. Contact them here for a free filter bag consultation.

Why So Many Different Types of Dust Collector Bags?

With so many dust collectors used in so many different industrial processes, the exact demands on the dust collector bags of each process are bound to vary widely. The performance requirements for a steel foundry dust collector bag, are very different than filter bags used to collect grain dusts at a food processing plant. Even within the same industry, different system configurations can require different solutions to meet a plant’s dust collection needs. High efficiencies might be required from a power generation plant, while a chemical plant will need to have dust collector bags that are acid or alkali resistant such as those made from Ryton® Felt / PPS. A cement producer might have high airstream temperatures that necessitate a dust collector bag that can withstand higher operating temperatures such as one made from Nomex® or Conex®.

Other considerations include price, and bag service life. Larger might be able to afford investing in dust collector bags with a high initial price, in order to gain benefits on the back end through higher efficiencies. Smaller outfits might require bags with a smaller initial capital investment, and are able to sacrifice some on the efficiency end.

No matter what your unique filtration needs are, Baghouse.com is here to help. Our Baghouse experts are ready to help you determine which filter bags and treatments form the best available solution to your needs. Contact us today for a free filter quote, or ask us about our Technical Advisor program that can help you determine what areas of your dust collection system could be improved.

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