EPA Admits Error In Mercury Rule

Golden Stack Testing Nuggets: The EPA Admits Error in Proposed Mercury MACT Rule. Calculation used to determine emissions limits for mercury and other toxic air substances was off by nearly 1,000. 

Here is an interesting article about the EPA’s new mercury standards from our good friend Ron McCulloch the “blue collar MBA” with Golden Specialty Inc. Ron and his firm are among the most trusted names in stack testing services in the nation.

This posts comments on a recently discovered error in the EPA Mercury MACT rule. After initially being discovered by the non-profit trade organization Utility Air Regulation Group (UARG), the EPA has finally admitted the there was indeed an error in the way they calculated the limits for the MACT (maximum achievable control technology) floor for both the mercury and air toxics standards (MATS) rules.

An EPA official admitted that the error was indeed present. But she claimed that it had not had a substantial effect on the final rule. She further stated that the EPA had corrected the mistake and apologized for the error.

The error deals with the formula used for converting measurements reported in terms of lb/GWh to lb/MWh is “incorrect by a factor of 1,000” claims the UARG.


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