Dust Collector Fire Doused at LED Lighting Plant

According to local media, a dust collector at the Innotec LED factory briefly caught fire at 11:30 in the morning on 7 May. Five fire trucks were dispatched to the Zeeland, Michigan manufacturing facility. All ten of the Innotec workers present at the time were able to evacuate safely, and the blaze was suppressed in under ten minutes. Innotec, a company founded in the early nineties in Hudsonville, Michigan, is a producer of LED lighting used for heavy machinery, automotive uses and other applications.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Innotec Plant experienced a fire, fortunately without loss of life, on Tuesday, the 7th of May.
  • The Zeeland Plant fire in MI, on West Washington, was reported on by the Holland Sentinel.
  • The blaze ignited around 11:30 AM, followed by the safe evacuation of about ten workers on site.

“During that incident, flames were contained to the building where the dust collector was located and no one was hurt.”

Read more: https://www.powderbulksolids.com/news/Dust-Collector-Fire-Doused-at-LED-Lighting-Plant-05-08-2019

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