LLC is a leading dust collector manufacturer, and service provider. With over 30 years in the business, we have gained a reputation for being the preferred provider of custom manufactured dust collectors, and related service work. And we would like you to become part of our team, by joining our sales force as our manufacturers representative.

Why Should you be Interested in Becoming a Sales Representative?

With brand-name recognition, sales-minded management, and a support staff that is always ready to assist with technical questions, is a sales representative’s dream for several reasons.

Complete Solutions Allow for Greater Overall Discounts, Leading to More Sales’s ability to offer complete dust collection solutions to customers will enable you to offer larger discounts for potential customers leading to more sales.

We offer a full line of dust collectors, filter bags, and all necessary hardware, and accessories. We also provide the necessary design and engineering services needed when designing and installing either new system components, or a completely new system. Additionally, we field one of the industry’s most experienced, knowledgeable, and capable field service departments. We also offer energy audits, performance consultations, troubleshooting services, performed by our team of highly trained dust collection engineers.

With the ability to offer all of our products, and services to a potential customer, you ability to offer more competitive rates will make selling our products easier, increasing total sales.

Generous Commissions With No Caps or Sales Limits

We believe in rewarding those who bring us customers, and profits. Some companies believe in restricting your ability to sell their products, imposing sales limits, or quotas you need to stay under. To us, that simply is not good business sense. We want you to sell as much as you can, and to be motivated to continue doing so. That is why we will never limit your commissions.  You determine how many sales you make, not us.

Large Potential Market, Exclusive Territories

With tens of millions of dollars in sales over the last 5 years, is looking to expand its market share in this enormous, multimillion dollar industry. With ever tougher environmental regulations being pasted by congress, and stricter enforcement by the EPA, the need for facilities to have up a to date, efficiently operating dust collection system is vital if they wish to avoid large governmental fines and sanctions.

Also we are offering exclusive territories throughout North American, and internationally. You will not need to worry about other reps encroaching on your potential sales.

Marketing & Lead Generating Assistance Provided

We will assist you in generating leads, and potential customers. We will provide you with marketing materials flyers, business cards, etc.… and assist you with mailing, and telemarketing campaigns.

Additionally, we operate one of the industry’s most advanced and largest websites at Our online marketing team is constantly hard at work, gaining ground rapidly on the competition in terms of total traffic, and conversions. Our online team is also involved in the production of valuable industry-specific content in the form of technical articles, troubleshooting guides, performance recommendations, product reviews, case studies, industry news, and more.

All of this allows you to be well informed of the latest developments in our industry, as well as you to present as an industry authority, increasing your selling position.

What Kind of Manufacturer Reps we Desire

We are seeking successful representatives and groups with experience in Manufacturing, Energy/Power Generation, Food Processing, Petrochemical, Steel Production, Cement and Mining industries. We want driven individuals that will work hard to cover cover their assigned territory thoroughly, bring repeat customers back to us, while living up to our company’s stellar reputation for helping customers.

For these reasons, and more, choosing to become a manufacturers representative for LLC will be a wise choice for any professional. Please contact us today for more information.

Full Listing of our Products and Services Brand Dust Collectors: brand dust collectors include many standard value-added features such as larger inlet diffusers to prevent hopper turbulence, re-entrainment and facilitate material drop-out. An expanded quiescent free-board zone between the inlet and the bottom of the filter bags to reduce unnecessary dust load, filter abrasion and interstitial velocity while further enhancing material drop-out. And a “clean-on-demand” control system complete with integral pressure switches & gages to initiate the cleaning cycle as required, based on operating differential pressure. This feature reduces cleaning frequency, compressed air consumption and excess wear to the filters. Our standard features will extend filter life and reduce operating cost. brand dust collectors are designed with the customer’s budget in mind. Crafted from experience, our units will provide you with the most efficient technology at an inexpensive price. Low initial purchase price, extended filter life, reduced operating cost and available turnkey solutions make brand dust collectors the smart chose for your next project.

Filter Replacement Services: LLC has been specializing in filter replacement services for over 30 years. Through our experience we have developed an efficient system, which allows our crews to do more with less resulting in a savings for our clients. We have perfected this process so well that our services are used by all of the major filter media manufactures. In the past these companies have relied on our ability to provide them with consistency and professionalism. By choosing one large national company to service your equipment, you too will benefit from our properly trained technicians and economy of scale.

Equipment Services:
We offer many different types of filters for all kinds of dust collector applications including bag, envelope and cartridge type filter elements. We supply filters of all materials, finishes and filter construction types. We support all manufacturers including hard to find and discontinued equipment, top load, bottom load or side load. Notice our dust collector section where we offer new and used dust collectors for sale. We offer complete design, sale, installation, parts and maintenance solutions for your dust collector or other air pollution control equipment. Our in house service teams have an excellent record of safely completing projects on or ahead of schedule. We offer a large selection of equipment / parts for the most popular dust collector types. Additionally we have a staff of account reps and engineers that have extensive industry experience working with the most common and not so common dust collector types. Occasionally we can identify and correct areas of humidity from accessing system through ductwork or equipment seals. We can often correct these pressure drops by testing the entire system for pressure readings and then welding patches or cladding over the cracks in the system.

Filter Bags:
With so many different types of filter fabric and treatment combinations to chose from, it’s important to know all of your options. Choosing the correct filters will maximize performance, increase filter life and reduce downtime saving you money. We provide our clients with a free technical analysis and consultation to ensure their getting the most out of their filters. We supply replacement filters for all major brands of pulse jet, shaker, cartridge, or reverse-air style dust collectors. Filters are made to specification upon order or can be securely stored in our wheelhouses for future use. Please contact us for a free quote at 800 351 6200 or click contact us. Because each process is different, extra care should be taken when selecting the proper filter media to insure maximum efficiencies and life of you equipment. If you are unsure or have question on what type of filter media to use please contact one of our experts.

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