It’s the people at that makes this a great place to be. We work in a team environment with an unrelenting focus on customer service and a passion for our skilled trade. Its the respect and drive for success that we share with each other that makes our work atmosphere fulfilling and rewarding.

At, you get to be part of an amazing team as we design, maintain and construct air pollution control equipment from the ground up. There’s a great deal of satisfaction from helping companies reduce their negative impact on the environment while at the same time improving their operations. We are the experts the companies rely on for designing and maintaining a high-tech air filtration systems. We work in some of the biggest and most impressive manufacturing facilities in the world. A career at offers you the excitement of seeing new places, customers and the opportunity to develop new skills.

Best career decision, BaghouseBeyond the work, our people that make this a special place. Our team members are the most important ingredients to the success of the company. That’s why we make our people a top priority.

We foster a collegial, team and family oriented atmosphere by:

  • Making high personal investments of time and energy in order to build lasting relationships with our associates.
  • Striving to weave the threads of friendship and mutual respect among the people in our organization.

Because our relationships with each other are so strong, we are able to overcome differences of opinion as we work to meet shared objectives. At, we believe wholeheartedly in learning, discovery, innovation and the joy of work that results in unsurpassed satisfaction for all our team members and every customer.

Everyone at brings a dedication and love to the job that’s needed to thrive in our fast-paced environment with tight production deadlines. Although we work very hard, we also know how to play when it’s time to celebrate our accomplishments. Ask someone who already works here and they will likely tell you, being an associate at was the best career decision they ever made.

Available Positions

We currently are seeking dedicated individuals to join several different roles within our company. As a company dedicated to investing in people, opportunities for advancement are substantially higher than many other companies. From knowledgeable MBAs to eager young high school graduates, we always have a place in our company for hardworking, driven individuals.

Here are some of the positions that are available:

Sales Representative

  • Nationwide
  • Exclusive territories available
  • Technical product training
  • Established website and internet marketing efforts to help

Internet Marketer, Writer/Blogger

  • Freelance writers, bloggers, and journalists can contribute
  • Assistance researching and understand news and environmental technology as it relates to our business
  • Location independent
  • Set your own hours
  • Valuable training in latest in rapidly growing environmental technology field
  • Room for advancement within company

We are looking for self-motivating, productive individuals to contribute to our numerous writing outlets, including websites, trade publications, marketing material, etc. Writers, bloggers, and journalists (professional, and students) with experience in covering topics such as environmental issues, green technology, environmental law and regulation, and industrial processes are invited to submit work for consideration.

Fellow Industry Bloggers, Interns, Story Writers, & Opinions Writers Wanted

You are a journalist or student of journalism, looking for an outlet for your work. Please send information about your previous work, the reason you want to take this challenge and examples of your previous work.

Tradesmen (Iron workers, electricians, crane/machinery operators, sheet metal workers, laborers, etc…)

  • Nationwide travel
  • Expenses paid
  • Onsite training
  • Management advance possibilities
  • Flexible schedule


Please contact us at for more information, or use our contact form here.


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