The Ultimate Dust Filter, Baghouse Technology Bests All Others

Dust Filter

By Dominick DalSanto
Environmental Technologies Expert & Author

Electrostatic precipitators, wet/dry-air scrubbers, and Baghouse technologies all vie for the title of the best available dust filter technology. Some people will say that depending on who you ask, you will hear a wide range of different answers. But the truth remains that in most cases, Baghouse technology is the best solution for dust collection needs on several different levels, initial investment, reliability, efficiency, and operating costs/benefits. Yes, Baghouse with its filter bags can rightly be called the ultimate dust filter.

Don’t take our word for it, see what other industry experts have to say about the advantages of Baghouse technology vs. ESP technology:

“In my practice I tend to use ESP’s primarily for smaller (under 10,000 CFM) smoke and oil mist applications. Baghouse dust collector filters are much less expensive and simpler to operate and maintain for large applications. They are also very versatile because of the wide variety of filter media available…ESP can only hold a relatively small amount of collected particulate on it’s plates before it becomes inefficient or even inoperative…” – Sales & Customer Service Professional for a Major APC Firm

“Both control devices have their merits and shortfalls. If the air stream contains a sticky substance, i.e. that seen in some OSB mills and fiberglass manufacturing facilities, then a wet ESP is the preferred control device. The same can be said if the exhaust stream temperature is greater than 600-deg F. On the down-side, although a wet ESP can handle challenging applications, dealing with the effluent can be a real challenge, both from both a practical and an environmental standpoint. Baghouses are easier to maintain and operate than a wet or dry ESP. If the production process can accommodate it, a bag allows for easy reuse/recycling of the captured particulate (compared to a wet ESP). – VP of Field Services Division of a Industrial Steel Fabrication Company Specializing in Pollution Controls Technology

“We service both devices on a daily basis. Keep in mind that the esp parts, (cells,ionizers) are VERY expensive. And from my experience, not very durable.” – Environmental Services Professional with a Industrial Environmental Technology and Maintenance Firm

Only in a limited applications are there potential benefits to using an ESP over a fabric collector. Add to that the generally higher cost of EPS maintenance and installation, and we have plenty of reasons to  give the award of the ultimate dust filter to the Baghouse over the electrostatic precipitator.



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