Aged Chicago Area Coal-Plant To Close, Unable To Meet Stricter Air Standards

Chicago and North Western Indian residents have reason to expect cleaner air this week with the announcement that the nearly 90 year old coal-fired State Line Power Station would be closing. Located between Lake Michigan and the Chicago Skyway at the Illinois-Indiana border, the plant has long been known as one of the dirtiest power plants in the nation.

With the recent passing of stricter environmental air laws, including reductions in emissions limits from smoke stacks, utilities are finding that many of the older plants still in operation today simply are no longer cost effective. Executives from the Virginia-based Dominion Resources which, owns the plant, announced they had decided it isn’t worth upgrading the plant to comply with the federal Clean Air Act. The company plans to shutter State Line as early as next year and no later than 2014, said Thomas Farrell, Dominion’s chief executive.

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