baghouse systems that are efficient.

  • Cheaper Price – Cut out the middleman. Start saving money on the price of your filters and by increasing your efficiency.
  • 30+ Years of Experience – Getting you the best filter for your dust collection system is exactly what we do! We’ve been doing it long enough to know how to meet your needs better than anyone else.
  • At Your Speed – We can send your customized filters out as soon as they’re fabricated or store them securely so that they’re always ready whenever you need them.
  • Free Quote – Our no-hassle quotes are always free. You’ll get all of the information you need without any pesky sign-ups or hidden costs.
  • Accurate Fit – Never worry about someone selling you the wrong filter again. We work with all of our customers to make sure that they’re putting the correct, most efficient, filters into their dust collectors.

Our dust collectors are known for their high quality construction and reliability, as well as being easy to maintain.

With over 40 years of experience manufacturing, servicing and optimizing industrial dust collectors, we have gained unique insight into what works and what does not. This enables us to design and build our collectors in such a way as to avoid many of these common issues from other manufacturers. (e.g. placing the pulse valves at hand level on top of the unit platform rather than on its side where access is difficult.)

| Baghouse Builds Them Better

This is just one example of the many standard value-added features that are included in all models. Other features include expanded inlet diffusers, expanded quiescent free-board zone (i.e. clear space under filters) and clean on demand (clean on pressure) controllers.

Larger inlet diffusers prevent hopper turbulence, dust re-entrainment and facilitate material drop-out. Additionally, our units come with an expanded quiescent free-board zone between the inlet and the bottom of the filter bags that reduces unnecessary dust load, filter abrasion and interstitial velocity that further enhancing material drop-out all before the air stream even reaches the filters.

Finally, industrial dust collectors come equipped with “Clean-on-demand” controller systems that allows for bag cleaning based on differential pressure. This results in direct savings from lower compressed air usage, extended filter life, and lower emissions over the life of the filters/unit.

Designed and Built to Meet Your Requirements

All too often we see users that are sold a unit that is the wrong kind or is undersized by disreputable sales reps. They do whatever it takes to get the sale, even if it means selling the wrong kind of unit or undersizing it in order to underbid everyone else. Sadly, in the long run these tactics end up costing the end user far more than the minimal discount they received.

At, we pride ourselves on “providing our customers with solutions not just products”. This means that we will use our experience to offer you what we know will work best for you, both in the short term and the long term. We will never quote you an undersized system just to undercut other vendors, nor will we propose old, outdated dust collection technology like many other OEMs and sale rep organizations.