baghouse systems that are efficient.

Our dust collectors are known for their high quality construction and reliability, as well as being easy to maintain.

With over 40 years of experience manufacturing, servicing and optimizing industrial dust collectors, we have gained unique insight into what works and what does not. This enables us to design and build our collectors in such a way as to avoid many of these common issues from other manufacturers. (e.g. placing the pulse valves at hand level on top of the unit platform rather than on its side where access is difficult.)

  • Designed for You – Don’t let a salesman turn you into another notch on their belt. Our sales team IS our technical team. We’ll set you up with the right system for your environment.
  • Built Better – Pulse valves, expanded inlet diffusers, “Clean-on-demand” systems – we’ve personally adapted our systems over decades to put the best baghouses in your facilities.
  • Free Quote – Our no-hassle quotes are always free. You’ll get all of the information you need without any pesky sign-ups or hidden costs.
  • Driving Your Efficiency – From pulse jet baghouses to pleated filters, we’ll work with you to find the most efficient dust collection solution possible.
  • 40+ Years of Experience – Getting you the best baghouse for your unique needs is exactly what we do! We’ve been doing it long enough to know how to meet your needs better than anyone else.