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What Kind Of Dust Collector Is Right For Me?

Competitive companies can’t afford to make mistakes. With so many different approaches to Dust Collection, you need expertise you can trust.  We will help you find the Dust Collection System that best fits your needs and at a price that will fit your budget.

Filter Bag Collectors – Often times referred to as a Baghouse, these Collectors are the most widely employed, and with good reason. Fabric Collectors offer the widest range of applications, and if operated and maintained properly, will result in the best overall performance. Ideal for the use of wide range of industries including but not limited to: Power Generation, Industrial Processing (Pharmaceutical, Mineral, Chemical, Rubber, Food, etc) Woodworking/Milling, Steel and Metal Production and Processing.

Cartridge Collectors – Ideally suited to capture certain special shaped and sized dusts (granular shaped & less than 50 microns) and low grain loading levels (less than 5 grains per cubic foot). Certain dusts require minimal flexing of the media during the cleaning process; thus, Cartridge Collectors will perform satisfactory in certain applications. Uses include but are not limited to: Grinding or Sandblast applications, Welding fumes, laser and plasma cutter fumes, Graphite, Pharmaceutical and fine Chemical Powders.

Cyclone Collectors – These are often employed as a Initial Stage Collector to lighten heavy dusts loads before being sent to a Primary Stage Fabric Collector. By removing coarse particles from the gas stream, and allowing later stage Fabric Collectors to solely remove finer particles,  this increases the service life of Fabric Collectors and their Filters. This design works by creating a vortex in the airstream within an enclosure, similar to water going down a drain. As the airstream is spun around the Collector, the particles strike the wall and fall into the hopper below.

Let us help you determine what system best fits your filtration needs. Please contact us here for more Dust Collection information.

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