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Decades of experience assisting our customers with their dust collection needs has allowed to become a leader in the Baghouse industry.

We offer a comprehensive range of services for your dust collection system. Including but not limited to: baghouse filter replacement, maintenance programs, turn-key system installations, technical advisors, system audits, training courses, leak testing and more.

What Sets Our Service Apart From The Rest?

We still believe that the best way to grow our business is by delivering a superior service. By doing so we hope to gain repeat business and quality referrals from our satisfied customers. By taking the time to effectively train our employees and by filling management roles with persons that have real field experience,  we can be confidant that our field operations are among the best in terms of quality and efficiency.

Highly Trained Service Teams

Our service team consists of only the most highly trained professionals who are dedicated to working safely, without compromising our dedication to exceptional results on every project.

All of our team members must complete extensive safety training, along with field tested and experienced management, and our dedicated staff, you can be assured that’s service team is qualified to complete your service project.

Extensive Industry Experience, since its inception, has taken on projects of all sizes, large and small. We also have extensive experience with many technically complex, and difficult installations that other companies with less experience would be hard pressed to complete. Among the ranks of our satisfied customers are some of industry’s largest and most well known firms.

Superior Filter Replacement Methods

Did you know that some filters can be ineffective at filtering and self-cleaning if they are not properly installed? knows the #1 reason that filter replacement is ineffective is the negligence in the care of filters prior and during installation. Extra care must be taken to avoid damage to new filters. For example, have past companies made sure to first sweep clean and blow out with compressed air or vacuum the dust collectors once the filters have been removed?  Our crew have extensive experience and are trained with special tools and techniques that guarantee effective installation.

We offer a complete solution to dust collection services including analytic reporting and trouble shooting, assisting with permitting, consulting, system engineering, operations, turnkey installations and comprehensive maintenance programs. Whatever the air control problem is we would like to help resolve it.

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