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Filter Replacement

You may think Filter Replacement is something your in-house maintenance department can handle. However with your Dust Collection System being one of your largest investments; do you really want to risk damage to your System by using unqualified workers to perform maintenance work?

We have specialized in Industrial Filter Replacement services for over 30 years. Through our experience we have developed an efficient system of processes which allows our crews to do more with less resulting in a savings for our clients. Inexperienced contractors often get in over their heads after accepting a contract to replace Filters, only later discovering the complexity of the task. A rushed or improper installation can cause problems later due to early filter failure in some cases costing the millions of dollars to replace.

By choosing’s Filter Replacement service, you can be confidant that this vital maintenance to your Dust Collector will be performed correctly. From the beginning we know what to expect so our proposals are true and accurate. No surprises or unnecessary change orders will be needed due to poor planing. With a highly trained field service team, and decades of experience, you can trust to do the job properly, the first time, with minimal downtime.

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