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Leak Test Supplies

Any regular maintenance program for your Baghouse should include periodic Leak Testing. This maintenance task helps to detect compromised filters, exposes bag bleed-through, damaged tubesheets, or bad seals within your system that can lead to lower efficiency.

In a standard baghouse leak test a tracer compound or powder is introduced into the system either from the dirty air plenum, or a collection point in the system. As the powder flows through the system, trace amounts are deposited in areas that have come into contact with the powder. Later on, a technician performs a visual inspection of the entire baghouse with a florescent light (i.e. black light) which causes the leak powder to glow. This enables the technician to detect any leaks in the filter bags, seals, tubesheets, or other areas within the system. provides an affordable dust collector leak detection service for those who wish to have skilled service technicians perform this vital test. You can also elect to have a regularly scheduled leak test performed as part of our regular maintenance programs. also supplies the needed compounds for performing dust collector leak testing, including Leak Detection Powders, and Fluorescent Lights (Black Lights).

Different Color Powders Available for Different Applications

Our leak detection powder comes in several different colors to facilitate its use in many different types of environments. Depending on the type of material that your Baghouse processes, it is vital that you choose the appropriate color powder:

  • Pink – all industries
  • Orange – all industries except those where iron oxide is present
  • Green – aluminum, cement, and utility industries; good contrasting color for pink and orange
  • Yellow – all industries except cement, lime, asphalt, utility, and cogeneration plants where sulfur is present in the dust
  • Others are useful for plants that test multiple times per year as they allow for easy distinction between each test leak testing powder in 8 colors for dust collector leak testing

Our leak testing powder is available in 8 colors.

Order Your Leak Test Powder (5 lb. Minimum, multiples of 5 lb.)


How Much Leak Test Powder Do You Need?

Baghouse leak testing powder in 5lb, 10lb and 25lb bucket sizes

Baghouse leak testing powder in 5lb, 10lb and 25lb bucket sizes

To determine the quantity of leak testing powder needed to run one leak test, use the following guidelines:

  1. Determine total filter cloth area per filter bag: Filter bag total filter cloth area = filter diameter x 3.14 x length ÷ 144 = total filter cloth area per baghouse filter. Example: 6″ diameter x 120″ long bag = 6 x 3.14 = 18.84 x 120 = 2,260.80 ÷ 144 (number of inches per square foot) = 15.7 sq ft per bag
  2. Multiply by total number of bags in baghouse (or compartment) to get a total filter cloth area
    1. Total filter cloth area per bag x number of bags in baghouse (or compartment) = total filter area of baghouse. (e.g. 15.7 sq ft x 320 bags = 5,024 sq ft)
  3. Divide total filter area of baghouse by 1,000 to obtain the number of pounds of powder to use.
    1. e.g. 5,024 ÷ 1000 = 5.024 lbs of powder for one leak test.
    2. The powder quantity may vary depending on the length of ductwork between the fan and Baghouse.

A Few Things to Keep In Mind

  • Try alternating between different colors each test which makes for easier identification of leaks
  • Many local, state and federal air permit require regular leak testing for baghouses. Avoid fines by keeping enough powder on hand to perform a leak test at all times.


 UV Light Sources (Black Lights) to Use With Leak Test Powder

Baby Blue Plus - Baghouse Leak Testing Light Kit Baby Blue Plus – Leak Testing Kit offers a variety of monochromatic UV lights to use with the our leak detection powder. In addition to standard cord, and cordless wand style black lights, also is the exclusive carrier of a line of hand-held black light flashlights that are specifically designed for use in baghouses. See our Baby Blue Plus Leak Test Kit


For more information about Leak Test Supplies, please feel free to give us a call at 800 351 6200 or Contact Us by email.

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