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Spend Less On Baghouse Operation

Increase Productivity, Reduce Costs, Gain Environmental Benefits

What actions can you reduce costs, and at the same time increase production? Improvements to your Dust Collection System can easily bring you improvements in production, while cutting costs due to increased efficiency, lower maintenance demands, less system downtime that leads to production stoppages, lower power consumption, and improvements in environmental emissions.

Questions To Ask Yourself

  • How well does your Baghouse operation support your efforts to reduce costs?
  • How much capital is going towards maintaining and repairing your Baghouse?
  • How much production time are you loosing each month due to unscheduled maintenance inside your Baghouse?
  • What is holding you back from upgrading your Dust Collection System?

Plant managers often tells us about two concerns:

  1. Upgrades are expensive, and may involve substantial downtime
  2. Will a new Dust Collector meet both current and future emission regulations.

How Can Help

By improving your system, you will be able to reduce your total costs in the long run. (See Section – Reduce Cost Of Operation) Additionally, has the field experience needed to be able to install your new system improvements in minimal time, requiring only a limited amount downtime to do so.

You also will position yourself to meet and exceed current, and future environmental regulations. (See Section – An Efficient Dust Collection System Is Vital For Meeting Environmental Regulations)

As a plant operator your looking to “Do more with less”, and reduce operational expenses at the same time wherever possible.  However you need to maintain production goals, and keep your Dust Collector running at 100% while suffering from a shrinking budget for parts and labor.  The decisions made involving your dust collector can have significant impact on your overall operation costs. Therefore, we encourage you to speak with a representative and see what areas in your operations we can make improvements and start saving your money today.

Reduce Cost Of Operation can help you to improve efficiency, and cut operating costs all at the same time. We have many different strategies we can implement that will achieve this goal. Here are just three options we have to offer:

  • Change Filter Fabric – Increase operating tempter range with fiberglass or synthetic fibers. PTFE membrane coating can filter finer particulates and clean better and more…
  • Pleated Filters – Dramatically increase filter cloth ratio and can last longer.
  • New Technology – Convert old Reverse Air or Shaker design Collectors into the more modern Pulse Jet design to reduce operating cost, increase capacity and extend filter life among many other benefits.

Better Technology

By upgrading to the latest technology the industry has to offer, you can dramatically improve performance, and reduce power consumption. Higher efficiency Filters, Fabrics, and Baghouse designs, might even allow you to downsize your Baghouse, or (If you currently have more than one Collector) remove individual Collectors.

Less Maintenance

New equipment designs have a much longer service life than outdated models which lead to reduced maintenance costs.

Reduced Energy Usage

Higher Air to Cloth ratios will allow for more efficient use of fan power. This will in turn lead to energy savings, through lower overall system power consumption.

An Efficient Dust Collection System Is Vital For Meeting Environmental Regulations

Stricter Environmental Regulations Are Coming – The current international outcry over the worsening environmental conditions on our planet, are leading to most industrialized countries making pollution control a top priority.  With recent international agreements, most countries are in the process of tightening their emission standards, leaving many formerly compliant facilities now lacking far behind.

“ Can Help You Anticipate And Adapt To Changing Regulations”

Stay in compliance even when regulations change, by upgrading your current technology. Our Dust Collection experts will be able to help you to identify areas where your current system can be improved using the latest in proven technology that not only will meet current regulations, but also any foreseeable changes to come.

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