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The Potential for Dust Explosions in Dust Collection Systems

At least 281 combustible dust fires and explosions occurred in general industry between 1980 and 2005 in the United States, which caused at least 119 fatalities and 718 injuries; including seven catastrophic dust explosions in the past decade, involving multiple fatalities and significant community economic impact; and occurred in a wide range of industries and […]


Glossary of Filtration & Separation Terminology

A ABRASION, FLEX: Fabric wear in a creased area caused by excessive bending, usually associated with cage contact used in baghouse filtration. ABRASION RESISTANCE: Ability of a fiber or fabric to withstand surface wear. ABSOLUTE: A degree of filtration that guarantees 100% removal of suspended solids over a specified size found in the filtrate. ABSOLUTE […]

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EPA Forcing Penn. Four Prisons to Reduce Air Pollution

PHILADELPHIA (January 4, 2011) – Four Prisons in the State of Pennsylvania have reached a settlement with the Environmental Protection Agency of alleged Clean Air Act violations. The settlement with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Corrections and the Department of General Services, includes provisions that will include new pollution control technology being installed, and additional reporting requirements at the four correctional facilities in Muncy, Bellefonte, Huntingdon and Somerset, Pa.

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No New Coal Power Plants Built In U.S. In Last 2 Years

2010 marks the second year in a row that no new coal-fire power plants were constructed in the United States according to the Washington Post. However coal-fired plants remain the largest generator of electricity in the U.S. supplying approximately 50% of all power generated each year. Increasingly however factors such as the economy, lower natural […]


The 10 Reasons We Have For Thanking The EPA For A Cleaner Planet

One only has to look at how the US Department of Homeland Security and its TSA (Travel Safety Association) are making headlines recently for implementing controversial security measures at American airports, thereby changing the way we travel, to see clearly the effect that governmental agencies can have on our everyday life. One agency that often […]


EPA Prevented The Release Of 11.8 Billion Pounds Of Hazardous Waste In 2010

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through enforcement of regulation, and compliance actions forced polluters to pay more than $110 million in civil penalties and commit to spend an estimated $12 billion on pollution controls, cleanup, and environmental projects that benefit communities. The total accumulated effect of all enforcement, and subsequent reductions in emissions due to infrastructure improvements is expected to prevent the release of nearly 1.4 Billion pounds.