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Industrial Air Permits & Your Dust Collection System – Unfair & Confusing Enforcement

Confusing regulations, conflicting methods of application, and unpredictable enforcement of industrial emissions regulations often leave many companies scratching their heads at what they did wrong. This article is part of a series about industrial air permits and their relationship with your dust collection system. See earlier article: Industrial Air Permits – Overcoming the Difficulties (Baghouse.com […]


Obama Orders EPA to Scrap Proposed Ozone Regulations Due to Economy

September 2nd, 2011 | Baghouse.com – Bowing to pressure from all directions, President Obama announced Friday that he was ordering the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to scrap plans to tighten the federal clean air regulations regarding ozone and smog. The controversial proposal has long been singled out as an unnecessary “job killer” by opposition republican law makers, […]

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Lead Smelter Ordered By EPA to Repair Dust Collection Systems

A lead smelting facility has been ordered by the EPA to upgrade its existing pollution control technology, including its dust collection systems, and review operational procedures regarding environmental issues.  Arecibo, Puerto Rico – A lead smelting facility in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico has been served with an order from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency […]


Filter Bags & Leak Testing – How Important is it?

By Dominick DalSanto Environmental Technologies Expert & Author Baghouse.com Why Periodic Leak Testing of Filter Bags is Vital Operating a dust collection system with leaking filter bags defeats its sole intended purpose. A few leaking filter bags or even one within a collector/system can result in a substantial emissions increase. Leak testing of your Baghouse […]

Dust Collection Bags

Tired of endlessly searching the internet for the right dust collection bags for your Baghouse only to be frustrated at a lack of results? Looking for someone who can help you make sense of the near endless filter bag options available for your dust collector? If so, then you have finally arrived at your final […]

The Ultimate Dust Filter, Baghouse Technology Bests All Others

By Dominick DalSanto Environmental Technologies Expert & Author Baghouse.com Electrostatic precipitators, wet/dry-air scrubbers, and Baghouse technologies all vie for the title of the best available dust filter technology. Some people will say that depending on who you ask, you will hear a wide range of different answers. But the truth remains that in most cases, […]


Dust Collector Systems: A Holistic Maintenance Strategy

By Dominick DalSanto Baghouse Technologies Expert & Author http://www.Baghouse.com When examining the performance of any component of your facility’s dust collection systems, it is vital to take into consideration the interaction between the various elements of the entire system. Problems such as bag failure, may be a symptom of a intake problem earlier in the […]