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Dearborn Steel Plant Requests Massive Increase For Particulate Emissions

Massive steel mill looks to revise its air permit to allow for proportionally huge increases in its emissions, particularly PM10, VOCs, lead and manganese from its industrial dust collection system. Neighbors say its already emits far too much while the company says it is only a correct to reflect the actual state of the plant […]

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Baghouse Differential Pressure – How To Troubleshoot False Readings

For baghouses to run efficiently, trustworthy differential pressure readings are required. How can you tell if your DP readings are accurate? What can you do if you suspect you are receiving false readings? This second article in our series on baghouse differential pressure will answer that question.  By Dominick DalSanto Baghouse Technology Expert and Sales Director Baghouse.com Part […]

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Introduction to Combustible Dust Explosions Common to Baghouses

Guest Post By Bevin Sequeira BS&B Safety Systems (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd.  Introduction to Dust Explosions A Dust Explosion is the fast combustion of dust particles suspended in the air in an enclosed location. Coal dust explosions are a frequent hazard in underground coal mines, but dust explosions can occur where any powdered combustible material […]

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Baghouse Differential Pressure – Why Important?

Accurate differential pressure readings are essential for efficient baghouse operation. This article outlines the importace of baghouse differential pressure and what baghouse problems it can be used to diagnose.  By Dominick DalSanto Baghouse Technology Expert and Sales Director Baghouse.com Part 1 – Why Important? Part 2 – How to Troubleshoot False Readings Baghouse Differential Pressure […]

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Texas Coal Plant Sued Over Dust (PM2.5) Emissions

Environmental groups claim the 1625 MW coal-fired plant in La Grange, Texas is exceeding PM2.5 emissions limits due to outdated dust collectors and poor operating practices. By Dominick DalSanto July 20, 2012 Baghouse.com News | Environmental groups in Texas are suing one of the largest coal-fire power plants in the state, alleging the plant is […]

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Industrial Air Permits – New Clean Air Regulations and Baghouses

Previous Baghouse.com Articles on Air Permitting: Industrial Air Permits – Overcoming the Difficulties Industrial Air Permits –  Overcoming The Difficulties with Gaining Industrial Air Permits By Dominick DalSanto October 3, 2012 – Baghouse.com | Recently, the EPA has been busy issuing new air pollution regulations (Cross-State Air Pollution Rule, Cement MACT, Mercury MACT, etc.) and tightened […]


Dust Collector Fire and Explosion Highlights Need for Combustible Dust Considerations In System Designs

A massive fire and explosion in the dust collection system of a New Hampshire wood pellet manufacturer demonstrates the need for adequate system design to prevent combustible dust explosions in general industry. By Dominick DalSanto Baghouse Technology Expert and Sales Director Baghouse.com May 16 2012 – Baghouse.com Editorial | On October 20 2011, a combustible […]

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EPA Administrator Resigns Over “Crucify” Comments Regarding Enforcement Philosophy

EPA chief resigns after outrage over comments saying EPA should figuratively “crucify” EPA offenders to set an example. April 30 2012 – Baghouse.com News | A top EPA regional administrator resigned today over controversial comments regarding his views of how the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) should enforce its environmental regulations, saying that the EPA should […]

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CSB Nine Years Later, Still No Dust Regulation – Urges OSHA To Finalize Combustible Dust Safety Standard

Nine years after the first of a series of deadly combustible dust explosions in the U.S., the CSB (Chemical Safety Board) is imploring OSHA to take decisive action and finalize its court-ordered Combustible Dust Standard. Investments in plant dust collection systems will be vital to meeting the new proposed standards. April 4, 2012 – Baghouse.com […]