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PTFE Membrane Vs PTFE Finish – Is There a Difference?

Yes, there is a difference between the two. One is used to increase collection efficiency and one is used primarily for protecting the filter bags from chemical attack. What Are PTFE Membrane Filter Bags? PTFE membrane is semi-porous layer of PTFE bonded to the surface of a filter. This membrane acts at a permanent dustcake, […]

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Can I Reuse My Baghouse Cages When I Change my Filters?

The answer is that it depends…In many applications it is possible to reuse the cages once or possibly more. But in many other applications it may not be wise to reuse the cages. Damaged Baghouse Cages From Corrosion and Mishandling The main two types of cage damage we see are physical damage (bending, breaking, warping, […]

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How to Avoid Undersizing a Baghouse Dust Collection System

Dust collector OEMs constantly try to come in with bids lower than competitors. In an attempt to do so, some baghouse manufacturers offer undersized systems. This article discusses what customers can do to avoid accepting a bid for an inadequately-sized baghouse dust collection system. By Dominick DalSanto Dust Collection Expert & Sales Director Baghouse.com ”I’m […]


Introducing Order Online Capabilities for Select Baghouse Products

Beginning today, Baghouse.com has become the only major dust collector manufacturer and parts supplier that allows its customers to directly purchases items online. With our new online shopping cart interface, buying baghouse products is as easy as buying your favorite book from Amazon.com. Starting in March, 2015, visitors to Baghouse.com can order online leak testing supplies, […]

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Broken Dust Collector DP Gauge Leads to $325,000 in Fines

Slag processing facility recently agreed to pay over $325,000 in fines for a violation of their air permit. What major infraction lead to such an immense fine? A broken differential pressure gauge on their baghouse!  By Dominick DalSanto Dust Collection Expert Baghouse.com Portage, Indiana – On September 18th, 2014 a manufacturing plant agreed to pay $325,000 in […]


Dust Collector Technology – Benefiting the US Economy

Why dust collectors and all environmental technology are important to our economy By Dominick DalSanto Dust Collector Technology Expert and Sales Director Baghouse.com This month the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued for the first time ever rules regulating carbon emissions for power plants. These new regulations have brought controversy, with many claiming that regulating carbon emissions in not only unnecessary, […]

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Free Dust Collector Inspections In Los Angeles & San Diego

Baghouse.com now offers free dust collector inspections to new customers in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas. By Dominick DalSanto Baghouse Technology Expert and Sales Director Baghouse.com Baghouse.com News | Beginning June 1st, new customers in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas can request free site visits from Baghouse.com. Visits from a dust collector engineer provide […]


How to Install a Dust Collector Differential Pressure Sensor

This simple baghouse accessory can mean the difference between a properly functioning baghouse and an operational disaster! Use this guide to ensure proper installation and maintenance of your differential pressure device. By Dominick DalSanto Baghouse Technology Expert and Sales Director Baghouse.com Part 1 – Why Important? Part 2 – How to Troubleshoot False Readings Supplement […]

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Free Site Visits In Las Vegas – Free Dust Collector Inspections

Baghouse.com now offers free site visits to new customers in the Las Vegas area to all new customers.  By Dominick DalSanto Baghouse Technology Expert and Sales Director Baghouse.com Baghouse.com News | As of May 1st, Baghouse.com now offers free on-site visits to all new customers in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. These visits will provide potential […]