Strategic management: 8 steps to success

A proper strategy when managing an industry is key to it’s success and flourish. Bringing employees to think and operate on a similar level is not an easy task, especially when management teams aren’t well equipped to get employees to think and work on a justly productive level. Steps to ensure an industry’s success are outlined with specific examples that pertain to management teams and individuals all the same.

Key Takeaways:

  • Global business demands delivery of production requirements as needed, without sacrificing the best performance obtainable.
  • Often there’s a disconnect between asset-strategic vision, which is viewed from a long-term perspective, and the planning and execution of activities, generally conceived as short-range goals.
  • Separating strategic goals from planning and execution goals creates a missed opportunity to align and manage initiatives between important disciplines, like health, safety and maintenance.

“To be successful, an organization must integrate all the elements that drive optimal asset performance.”

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