5 Ways Dust Collection Affects Our Everyday Life


By Dominick DalSanto
Environment Expert & Author

The term Industrial Dust Collection for many simply draws a blank in their minds. “What is that?” they may say. Or they might simply think that it has something to do with “Big Vacuum Cleaners”. But little do those outside of the industry itself appreciate how many benefits this multimillion dollar industry brings to all of us. Here are just 5 reasons why we should be care about Dust Collection technology and the effects it has on our lives.

1. Dust Collection Protects Human Life

There are literally thousands of industrial processes that create dust pollution, including Steel Mills, Food Processing, Woodworking, Cement Plants, and other Manufacturing.  By capturing harmful particulate matter emitted from these industrial sources, prevent the release of a wide range of dangerous compounds into the atmosphere, thereby preventing human exposure to this harmful material.

2. Dust Collection Protects Our Environment

Since the industrial revolution began almost 200 years ago, mankind’s industrial progress has caused much harm to our planet. By passing contaminated air through a Dust Collector Filter before it is released into the environment, industrial sites can prevent the contamination of water sources, such as rivers lakes and streams, as well as keep our air clean, safe and breathable for animal, plant and human life alike.

3. Proper Dust Collector Systems Help Keep Workers Healthy

Ironworkers from 1930 working on the Empire State Building

One of the greatest dangers facing industrial workers is exposure to contaminated air. Another overlooked danger of large amounts of dust pollution, is the very real threat of a dust explosion occurring. When certain kinds of dusts are dispersed into the air in the right proportions, it can lead to a very violent explosion that can  cause a massive loss of life. Through the operation of a Baghouse (Trade term for a Dust Collector), job site hazards are reduced, and worker safety is increased.

4.  Dust Control Helps Keep Manufacturing Costs Down, Leading To Cheaper Products For You

With a adequate Dust Control program in place, industry can avoid many costly accidents (Such as Dust Explosions) and attain a higher quality product.

5. Countless Products Could Not Be Manufactured With It

Many industrial processes are only possible through the application of Dust Collection/Separation and related technology. These include most forms of Food Production, Metal Processing, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and more.

Yes our industry, which may at times to the public seem to be irrelevant, is in fact one of the most vital industrial processes we have in our modern industrial era.

What other ways does the Dust Collection Industry benefit society?

This list is by no means exhaustive, no does it claim to be. We would like to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.


About the Author

| Dominick DalSanto is an Author & Environmental Technologies Expert, specializing in Dust Collection Systems. With nearly a decade of hands-on working experience in the industry, Dominick’s knowledge of the industry goes beyond a mere classroom education. He is currently serving as Online Marketing Director & Content Manager at Baghouse.com. His articles have been published not only on Baghouse.com , but also on other industry related blogs and sites. In his spare time, Dominick writes about travel and life abroad for various travel sites and blogs.

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  1. Srinivas
    Srinivas says:

    The five points what your have written above that is very much beneficial to human life . The Points is totally related for environmental systems. Thanks for saving human life..

  2. Rolf Wiik
    Rolf Wiik says:

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    30+ years of experiance in Industrial Filtration and Seperation, Air and Water.
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    Providence High School, Burbank, CA – Graduated

  3. moshksayan
    moshksayan says:

    wonderful article. I really appreciate your activity in this area.
    I am an erector of dust collection equipment such as a esp, baghouses, hybrid filter, bag filter, scrubber etc…for around 8 years and I love my job because of your reason and satisfaction of be a usefull man in the world

  4. Ruby
    Ruby says:

    Yeah, I know this post is an old one but I couldn’t help it. I need to say just how much I agree to everything that’s written on here most especially to what our expert Dominick DalSanto has said about the overlooked dangers of dust pollution in a workplace. I’ve also read about that in http://www.dustoutus.com/applications/industrial-mining where I have also learned about the benefits of using DustOut in controlling industrial dust. Companies should definitely have a dust control plan that is not necessarily expensive but will improve the dust control system and will be effective in waste product reduction.


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