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Diaphragm Valves

Keeping baghouse pulse valves in good working condition is key to maintaining efficiency in a dust collection system. Diaphragms within the pulse valves require regular replacement, usually every few years (depending on the application). Maintaining your baghouse’s pulse valves in good working order can have an enormous impact on the efficiency and operation of your system. (see below). carries a full line of pulse valves and repair kits for all major pulse valve makes and models (including Goyen, Asco, and Turbo). Generally, our replacement diaphragm repair kits are cheaper than those directly purchased from the original manufacture. We also carry solenoids (remote and integral) to fit all makes and models.


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What is a Baghouse Pulse Valve?

Baghouse pulse jet cleaning system

Diaphragm pulse valves are the most important components of a baghouse pulse jet cleaning system

On a pulse jet baghouse pulse valves (also called diaphragm valves) control the release of air pulses during the cleaning cycle. When the baghouse control board or timer board initiates a cleaning cycle it sends an electrical signal to the solenoids, when then activate the pulse valve. Inside the pulse valve, a rubber diaphragm opens and closes to release the compressed air stored in the air header tank. The air then passes through the valve into the blow pipes above the filters and then is directed down into the filters to clean them.

How Can Replacing My Pulse Valves/Diaphragm Valves Save Me Money?

The cost of pulse valves is minuscule when compared to the potential savings. Typically, replacing worn out diaphragms in a systems pulse valves will result in 10% or longer filter life, reduction in compressed air use by 15% or more! Additionally, when pulse valves are not in good condition the filters are not cleaned adequately. This leads to higher differential pressures which can lead to loss of suction throughout the system, higher fan pulls (meaning higher electricity bills) and other delays and production losses from under-performing dust collection system. carries a full range of Pulse Valves and Diaphragm Repair Kits for use on Dust Collection Equipment. To receive a free quote, please Contact Us here.

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