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What Makes Brand Dust Collectors Superior To The Competition?

We Build Them Better. A Brand Baghouse includes many standard value-added features such as larger inlet diffusers to prevent hopper turbulence, re-entrainment and facilitate material drop-out. An expanded quiescent free-board zone between the inlet and the bottom of the filter bags to reduce unnecessary dust load, filter abrasion and interstitial velocity while further enhancing material drop-out.  And a “clean-on-demand” control system complete with integral pressure switches & gauges to initiate the cleaning cycle as required, based on operating differential pressure. This reduces cleaning frequency, compressed air consumption and excess wear to the filters. These are just some of the standard features we include in each Dust Collector we design. All of which help to extend filter life and reduce operating cost.

The Latest Technology. brand dust collectors are designed with your budget in mind.  Crafted from experience, our units will provide you with the most efficient technology at an attractive price. Low initial purchase price, extended filter life, reduced operating cost and available turn-key solutions make brand dust collectors the smart chose for your next project.

Decades Of Experience Overcoming Complex Engineering Problems has engineered Dust Collection systems for three decades; our experience gives us an advantage over our competitors. Dust Collectors may seem to be built on a simple premise, but we know better. We understand better than most, the complexities involved in designing and installing a functional Dust Collection system. Only with years of hands on experience working in this industry to surmount all of the unique engineering problems associated with these systems can a company learn how to anticipate and overcome them.

We begin by working with you to determine exactly what your dust collection needs are, the characteristics of the target dust(s), airflow rates, temperature, toxicity, disposal methods, and more.
Our engineers begin developing the best solutions to fit your needs. This includes determining the type and size of Collector(s), Ductwork, Filter Material/Treatments and overall system design.
In addition, we explain which solution would best fit the particular application while still being economical, and cost effective for you.
Lastly, we submit a detailed plan to you for initial approval. After discussion, we work on the final specifications before submitting it for final approval.

First Class Support StaffPulse Jet Baghouse Style Dust Collector

With you can expect to receive the most professional treatment when working with our staff. Our product specialists and design team are always available to assist our customers with whatever they need. You can count on quality leadership that begins at the top and permeates throughout our whole organization.

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