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By Dominick DalSanto
Environmental Expert & Author

The dangers of combustible dust explosions are among the most overlooked of industrial workplace safety issues. However the price for negligence in this area is often payed not only with millions of dollars, but with workers very lives.

But only recently has the this issue began to attract mainstream attention outside of the industrial world. Recent incidents such as the one that occurred at the Imperial Sugar Plant in Port Wentworth, Georgia on February 8th 2007 that claimed the lives of 14 works, and injured 38 others, have brought this safety issue to the forefront of industrial safety activists.

This segment from the CBS new program “60 Minutes” entitled: The Danger of Combustible Dust – examines the efforts of the victims families and others to force OSHA to create a national combustible dust standard.  Scott Pelley reports on the deaths and property damage caused by dust explosions at American factories, a problem critics say the government needs to do more to prevent.

This report which is of great interest to all in the dust collection industry can be viewed at the link below.;photovideo

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