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Filter Cages

Get pricing and information for all styles of baghouse cages. Regardless of your baghouse OEM,  application, or condition, we have dust collector cages to meet your needs.

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Baghouse Maintenance Training

Let our experts with 40+ years experience help your personnel learn how to properly maintain and operation your baghouse systems! With our help your staff will see improvements in efficiency, operation and capacity while decreasing costs and unexpected downtime.

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Baghouse leak detection inspection service

Leak Detection Supplies

Leak testing is a vital part of any preventive maintenance program. Buy your leak powder and testing light kits from direct on No quotes, no salespersons, no delays!

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Baghouse Dust Collectors Brand dust collectors are known the world over as the most powerful and longest lasting Baghousesavailable. Standard value-added features include such as larger inlet diffusers to prevent hopper turbulence, re-entrainment and facilitate material drop-out. Our Baghouses also include an added expanded quiescent free-board zone between the inlet and the bottom of the filter bags to reduce unnecessary dust load, filter abrasion and interstitial velocity that further enhancing material drop-out all before the air stream even reaches the filters. 

Baghouse Filters

Choosing the correct baghouse filter will maximize performance, increase filter life, reduce system downtime and save you money. With so many different types of baghouse filter fabrics and treatments options to choose from, it’s important to know which is the best fit for your specific application. At we provide our customers with solutions not just the same old filters over and over again. Let provide you with a free technical analysis and consultation to ensure you are getting the most out of your dust collector filters.

Services & Consulting

Decades of experience assisting our customers with their dust collection needs has allowed to become a leader in the Baghouse industry.

We offer a comprehensive range of services for your dust collection system. Including but not limited to: baghouse filter replacement, maintenance programs, turn-key system installations, technical advisors, system audits, training courses, leak testing and more.

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Let our experts help you with your baghouse needs! Contact us today to receive free quotes on baghouse collectors, filters, cages, accessories, or learn more about our services such as system audits, training courses, and more!

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